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The Guyana Metropolitan Relief Organization Inc., (GUYMETRO) was organized in 1991 in response to the difficult economic times that were impacting the health work in Guyana. A group of Guyanese living in the Washington Metropolitan area, decided to organize Guyanese in this area to help Davis Memorial Hospital (DMH) and other Seventh-Day Adventist churches that had great need. The focus however was on providing support to Davis Memorial Hospital so that it could continue to provide care to the people in Guyana. 

Guymetro’s partnership with and support of DMH has helped the hospital to acquire needed medical equipment, facilitated maintenance and repairs of the complex and assisted with training of health care workers. While Guymetro continues to support DMH, it has extended its services to the communities in Guyana through its Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Program called “Reclaim your Health in the The Fight Against Diabetes.” (please link to this program on the project page)paragraph here.