Project Reclaim Your Health – The Fight Against Diabetes 

                                                               Program Overview 

Reclaim Your Health – The Fight Against Diabetes is a Diabetes awareness and prevention program that Guymetro runs in partnership with the Guyana Conference of SDA. The program seeks to establish support groups within the communities in Guyana, where participants will have their blood sugar levels tested and be guided through 16 steps involved in the process of changing lifestyles for the prevention and control of diabetes. Each group will have some trained personnel who will facilitate this process. Each participant will receive a workbook which they will use to record their progress in making the changes required by program. 

                                                            Program Background 

In 2015 Guymetro became aware that there was a high and increasing incidence of diabetes and suicides in Guyana. Suicide at the then time was noted as the number one cause of death in Guyana. Both suicide and diabetes, while not communicable, have devastating negative consequences to the health and longevity of Guyanese. Here was an opportunity to be a part of the solution to this need. The then executive committee of Guymetro voted to implement a diabetes awareness and prevention program in Guyana. The Guyana Conference of SDA accepted our proposal and a partnership was created where the Guyana Conference of SDA through its health department would provide the logistics in Guyana for the implementation of the program. In July 2016, the Guymetro’s first mission trip in the fight against diabetes in Guyana took place. 

                                                             Purpose of Program 

The aim of The Fight Against Diabetes program is to establish support groups in communities in Guyana where participants will learn how to prevent and manage diabetes through lifestyle changes. It is hoped that participants will experience outcomes that allows them to reclaim their health. 

                               TEETH CLEANING /DENTAL PROJECT 

                                                      Overview of Dental Project 

Many children and adults in Guyana, particularly those in rural areas, do not have their teeth cleaned regularly. Some may never have had their teeth cleaned. Guymetro will partner with dentists and dental workers to educate about dental hygiene and provide teeth cleaning and other dental work to communities in Guyana. It takes about US$25 to have a child’s teeth cleaned. Support the dental project- whenever you have your children’s teeth donate $25 or more so that a child in Guyana can have his/her teeth cleaned also. Whenever you cleaned your teeth, give $35 so that an adult can have his/her teeth cleaned also.

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